About Phlywheel

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of it all.

Coles Notes version? We got really bummed out seeing business after business fall short because they couldn’t afford a digital agency. So we decided to build something that was affordable enough for a smaller business, but powerful enough to get results.

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Phlywheel was founded by Toronto-based strategic marketing firm, Truly Inc. Truly is an award-winning firm that has worked with Nokia, REALTOR.ca, CAMSO, Michelin, CPA, and many more.

20+ years of experience

We’ve seen it all.
With decades of marketing experience and industry insight under our belts, we’ve got real value to offer you and your brand.

We know how to do more with less

We’re a small business. We’ve worked with many other small businesses. In a time of ever-decreasing budgets, we understand the importance of efficiency.

In-market proven techniques

The contents of everything (from our Masterclasses to our Cheat Sheets) have actually been tested in the market. We’ve used them for clients and ourselves, too. We’ll only give you what’s been proven to work.

A broad range of deep expertise

We bring the full range of digital and traditional marketing to the table. The Phlywheel team has experience in fields such as strategy, research, design, writing, optimization, multimedia, and more.


Founder & CEO

Named as one of the most influential women in tech by Fast Company and an Entrepreneur to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, Tara Hunt has been writing on the subject of market research, consumer insights, and marketing strategy for 20 years.



General Manager

Kristine delivers projects from start to finish... She has worked in a broad range of industries with diverse teams. Her experience in PR, social media and communications gives her the ability to work within tight deadlines.



Creative Director

She's a creative leader, problem solver, and copywriter extraordinaire, but if anyone asks, she's a content strategist who loves to tell stories. Before joining Truly, Stefani served as an editor and content strategist at Corus Entertainment, Hello! Canada magazine and The Huffington Post Canada.




Graphic Designer

Fernanda has been an illustrator and graphic designer for 20 years. Before moving to Canada, she managed her own design office and print studio in Brazil, coordinating with a full-time team graphic designers.



Multimedia Coordinator

A Jill of all trades, Celestina is a content creator specializing in digital media marketing. With a background in film + TV, she enhances the marketability and pushes the narrative of any project she’s on.


Angie Liu

Content Strategist

Angie explores storytelling and communication through all mediums in her journey as a writer and producer, and has previously contributed to CBC Radio’s Metro Morning and blogTO. At Truly, she is the managing editor of Futurithmic, Nokia's digital publication.



Account Coordinator

Ammo is an engaging writer, researcher, and communicator, with a penchant for humor. Back in the UK, He worked in communications and creative for everything from insurance companies to video game festivals.



Jr. Account Coordinator

Zach has a strong entertainment background. After spending time in the music biz, he transitioned into digital marketing where he has kickstarted growth for small businesses like Filthy Rebena, Museum London, and Forest City Film Festival.



When we started out this project, we thought it would be simple…but the more we started building and planning, the more we realized that we’d need to tackle it from a few different angles. Therefore, Phlywheel has three different flavors of interaction:


Truly born

...first there was a YouTube series...then a company?!
December 15, 2016

Truly launches Living Room with REALTOR.ca

September 17, 2018
Early Truly Offices

Truly Grows, Moves into Bigger Offices

February 14, 2019

We start dreaming up Phlywheel

May 22, 2019

Phlywheel Shop Launches

January 2, 2016

First Office

More than just Tara, we need a place to grow.
February 14, 2018

Truly Finalist for Best Content Strategy for Living Room

February 28, 2018

Truly launches Futurithmic with Nokia

April 2019

We register Phlywheel.com

December 9, 2019


We’re proud Canadians, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario. 

If you come by on a Friday at 5pm, you can join us for Happy Hour!


Here are 10 things that inspired us to build Phlywheel:

Things are changing. Fast. When you’re deep in the trenches of running a business, it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision and miss out on digital marketing trends. Just like an agency whose job it is to have their fingers on the pulse, Phlywheel makes sure your campaigns will always be cutting edge.

We love seeing small businesses succeed. Heck, we’d help every SMB on the planet if we could! Sadly, a lot of smaller businesses don’t have the budget to spend on the time needed to invest in doing this right. We created Phlywheel in order to help service these clients. With the right guidance, we knew they could drastically improve their marketing efforts.

We don’t bring you fish. We teach you how to fish, turning your in-house team into the expert anglers. This reduces your dependency on external experts and helps your organization market smarter. Phlywheel provides the materials and tools, you put in the time to implement…and everyone wins!

Running in circles is no fun. Clients come and go, yet our unique strategic approach has never wavered. We decided to stop running and focus instead on what we do best — giving people the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to succeed.

Different clients… same ol’ mistakes. What if we could show you what not to do from the get-go — before you’d gone full-tilt with your marketing efforts? You save time, money, and headaches, and so do we. It’s a win-win.

Calendars, templates, worksheets, oh my! We’ve developed, tested, and shared a whole whack of custom-made materials with clients over the years. These resources are invaluable, and have helped us achieve real, lasting results. We thought it was such a shame they were inaccessible to non-clients, hidden away under lock and key (well on a cloud drive, anyway). Until now!

Your strategy won’t get anywhere fast without flawless execution. When building kickass strategies for our clients, we created uber-efficient processes that are just too good to not share.

Duh, we’ve been doing this stuff every day for the last 20 years. The Phlywheel team includes a group of seasoned professionals, trained in their respective areas of expertise. Just like a Megazord (yep, that’s a Power Rangers thing), combining all of our strengths into a one-stop, mega marketing machine was a no-brainer.

Getting Phlywheel off the ground gave us the golden opportunity to work on a bunch of new tools, templates, and features we’d had our eyes on forever! Getting the chance to grow is awesome, but knowing that all of this helps smaller businesses is the icing on the cake.

With agencies and smaller businesses in this strange, budgetary stand-off, it seemed like small brands were going to slip through the cracks forever. Not anymore. Now your brand has a marketing powerhouse behind it for a fraction of the cost.


Hahahahahaha. Nice try. We can’t divulge our secrets, but we do have a method to our madness! The following is our unique approach to marketing strategy and implementation and it’s woven into all of our work:

Behind the Masterclasses, behind the resources, behind the tools and documents, behind everything that is Phlywheel, is the unique Truly approach to strategy:

1. Research + Learn

We start with finding out: who your customer is, what they read, where they hang out, what motivates them, what are the issues you’ll come up against trying to reach them.

2. Strategize + Plan

Now that we understand your customer, we build out a full strategy and plan to connect with them.

3. Create + Produce

Now that you have your plan, it's time to get creative! Applying everything we know about your audience, we create the content that connects.

4. Post + Optimize

This is the part of the process where content is optimized for the platform and findability. Tags, descriptions, formats and boosting included.

5. Listen + Engage

This is where you build a loyal, engaged audience. Interacting and engaging with your readers/viewers will go a long way to creating growth.

6. Measure + Report

All of these efforts need to be tracked and analyzed on a regular basis to ensure you meet the goals you set. What you learn here will help improve your efforts every day.

Honed over more than 20 years, we’ve developed, tested, and proven the Truly approach time and time again, achieving real, lasting results every time. The heart of this approach and methodology is core to Phlywheel.

If you have any other questions or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you! Otherwise, we hope you get gobs of value out of what we’ve built here!