We’re not gonna lie. We struggled to name these bad boys.

Why? We couldn’t call them 101s or starter courses. They aren’t simplistic or basic. For most people, the content of our Fasterclasses feels like a sped-up MBA. In fact, that is a direct quote from one of our beta testers:

“I thought this was supposed to be a 101 course! Instead, I felt like I got a sped-up MBA!”
– Carol, HR Consultant

We think there are enough blog posts and YouTube videos out there that give the 101s. There are two types of Fasterclasses:

  1. The foundational Fasterclass – these are just like Masterclasses, but we only dive deep enough to help you get a decent foundation across a subject…enough to get you going.
  2. The hyper-focused Fasterclass – these are sections of Masterclasses that can stand on their own if necessary. They go deep into a piece of the puzzle, such as Creating a Brand Voice is part of the Branding Masterclass. 

Once you implement what you learn in the Fasterclasses, you’ll want to go deeper and broader. That’s what the Masterclasses are for.