Creating a Content Flywheel: Brand Publishing Masterclass


People have grown wary of ads and pushy sales tactics. To rise above the noise, you need to offer your audience real value in the form of content they will love (and share the heck out of!). We created this course to show you how to launch your own brand publication that will build brand loyalty and establish your business as a thought leader.

Lesson 1: What is Brand Publishing?
What is brand publishing?
What isn’t brand publishing?
Benefits of brand publishing
Best practices

Lesson 2: Setting your editorial voice and mission
Finding your content “sweet spot”
Determining your value proposition
Articulating your purpose
Mission statement
Goal setting
Other considerations

Lesson 3: Finding Your Voice + POV
Why is voice important?
The 4 dimensions of voice
Finding your persona
What’s your point of view?

Lesson 4: Editorial focus + planning
What makes content contagious? (STEPPS)
Types of content
Coming up with article ideas
Planning ideas around a theme or events
Choosing and naming categories

Lesson 5: Setting up a newsroom + publishing process
Explaining the editorial calendar
Setting up an editorial process
Assigning and handling writers
Resourcing: Who you need on the team and how much $/time it will take
Creating your workback schedule

Lesson 6: Writing style + editing tricks
Links + SEO

Lesson 7: Tools + guidelines
Why you need the right tools
The best free content development tools
Going premium? Here are some other great tools you can invest in
Creating a style guide

When you purchase this course, you’ll also receive a whole bunch of extras that you can use to implement the lessons. Here is a list of some of the digital resources you’ll get in your Brand Publishing Workbook:

  • Setting SMART goals
  • Crafting your Brand’s Voice
  • Defining your Brand’s Character
  • Laying out your Values and POV
  • Applying STEPPS
  • Sample briefs
  • Templates
  • Calendars
  • Cheatsheets
  • And more!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • Traditional ads aren’t giving you ROI
  • You can’t advertise on traditional platforms (hi cannabis!)
  • You’re a creative brand with a story to tell

When you’ve completed this course, you will be able to:

Articulate your mission statement (why are you launching this brand publication?) and set some goals
Come up with engaging, relevant article ideas
Craft headlines that will get shared
Plan out your editorial calendar from start to finish
Create an efficient workback schedule so your “newsroom” runs like a well-oiled machine

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