Brand Publishing Workbook

If you are ready to take your content to the next level, but need some guidance and tools to help you create your editorial voice and get your publishing process in good order, The Brand Publishing Workbook is a great tool.


Brand Publishing Workbook

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About the Brand Publishing Workbook

Today’s customer rejects ads — but they consume and share content like crazy.

That’s why the most creative, forward-thinking brands are moving beyond traditional marketing and are becoming publishers in their own right. If your paid display and social efforts aren’t cutting it, you may want to consider launching your own brand publication. But where to start?

Hint: start with this workbook.

Designed to accompany the Brand Publishing Masterclass (btw, it’s included in the purchase of that Masterclass, so don’t double purchase!), this Workbook includes all of the templates, worksheets, briefs and calendar options you need to set up a rigorous editorial program, complete with laying out tone and voice and crafting your editorial mission.

More Details:

  1. How to use this Workbook
  2. Finding Your Mission Statement
  3. Setting SMART goals
  4. Crafting your Brand’s Voice
  5. Defining your Brand’s Character
  6. Laying out your Values and POV
  7. Applying STEPPS
  8. Editorial focus Cheatsheet
  9. Content branching worksheet
  10. 15 ideas for posts worksheet
  11. Sample article brief
  12. Social posts template
  13. Call for writers template
  14. Calendars

INTERNAL TESTING: We’ve put decades of experience into every worksheet you’ll find here and, more importantly, we use them ourselves! With every single client, we’ve stress-tested these worksheets to the limit and tweaked and perfected them to make sure their brand publications run like a well-oiled machine.

SCIENTIFIC INSIGHTS: Behind every successful brand publishing strategy is a crazy amount of research. We’ve pored over case studies from publishing heavyweights, like The New York Times and Buzzfeed, to find out what makes content shareable and engaging. We’ve applied insights from marketing experts like Jonah Berger and Nilofer Merchant — as well as case studies from top brand publications like Adobe’s and even Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Merry Jane — to find out what makes them so successful. We’ve even studied social and psychological practices (why do people share things? What does your tone + voice say about your brand personality?) to help you write dope copy for your audience, just like Snoop.

To note, if you purchase the Brand Publishing Masterclass, this workbook comes as part of that purchase. Therefore, you are likely opting to buy the workbook rather than the Masterclass because you are all about being self-directional and saving a bit of money. 

We get it. 😉

Much like the Brand Publishing Masterclass, this workbook is for you if:

  • You have been creating content with great success and are ready to take it to the next level.
  • Traditional ads aren’t giving you ROI.
  • You can’t advertise on traditional platforms. (Hi cannabis!) 
  • You’re a creative brand with a story to tell. 
  • You wanted to buy the Masterclass, but it’s not in your budget. 😉

This workbook is a PDF, so anywhere you can read one of those, you can access it!