Digital Marketing: Where the %#@% to Begin? Fasterclass


“Marketing: Where the %#@% to begin?” If you’ve been asking yourself this question, this course is for you. Consider this your essential tool for building a winning digital marketing strategy from the ground up.


Lesson 1: Finding Your Audience

  1. Narrowing your audience
  2. Audience research + insights
  3. Research tools
    • Free social listening tools
    • Paid social intelligence tools
    • Questions to ask to get the most out of the data
  4. Building a customer profile
    • Outlining your three key audiences
    • Uncovering where to find them
    • Understanding what makes them tick
  5. Creating a strategic overview

Lesson 2: Building a Strategic Plan

  1. Breaking down the components of a strategy
    • Audience
    • Goal setting
    • Approach
    • Channels
    • Tactics – Owned/Earned/Paid
    • Budgeting
  2. Building out your plan
  3. Get your tactical ducks in a row
  4. Create a marketing calendar
  5. Build a work back plan

When you purchase this course, you’ll also receive a whole bunch of extras that you can use to implement the lessons. Here is a list of some of the digital resources you’ll get as part of the package:

  • Digital Marketing 101 Workbook
  • Worksheets:
    • Your Best Customer
    • Jobs to be Done
    • 25 questions about your customers
    • Three key audiences
    • SMART goal creation
    • Approach + messaging
    • Tactical breakdown
  • Templates
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • And more!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • you can’t afford to hire an agency to build your marketing plan
  • you’re new to digital marketing (whether experienced in traditional marketing or not)
  • you need to get a good basis for your growing brand
  • you’re taking your brand back to the drawing board

When you’ve completed this course, you will be able to:

  • understand how to define what your best customer means to your brand
  • ask the right questions to find your best customer and understand who they are
  • conduct digital ethnography to deep dive into what makes your customers tick
  • take this information to understand where your best customer hangs out and what drives them
  • turn all of what you’ve learned into a strategy that includes owned, earned and paid components
  • map out this strategy into a fully executable plan