Podcast like a Pro: The Ultimate Starter Kit

Do you ever listen to podcasts like NPR’s This American Life or The Joe Rogan Experience and think, “I can do that!”…? Slow down there, buddy. A lot more goes into podcast production than you might think.

From coming up with an idea to top-quality equipment and cover art, this kit will cover every single thing you need to do to start a successful podcast.

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Podcast like a Pro: The Ultimate Starter Kit

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About the Podcast like a Pro: The Ultimate Starter Kit

Think starting a podcast is as easy as setting up a microphone, cracking open a bottle of wine and having a chat with your pals? Well, not quite. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines thinking, “Should I launch my podcast idea? And how should I do it?”, you need this guide.

For a first-timer, there are a number of steps involved in successfully launching a podcast. From working on a name and niche to the best equipment and software, it takes planning, the right tools, and a little elbow grease. 

This guide includes all the resources you need to get started in no time. We’ll help you with the big-picture stuff, like determining your genre, format and content ideas. But we’ll also set you up with the best equipment and recommendations to make sure your podcast runs smoothly. We’ve left no podcast stone unturned. Consider this the only guide you’ll ever need to launch a kickass podcast your audience will love.

More Details:

  1. Podcast Planning Checklist
  2. Podcast Planning Questionnaire
  3. 15 Topic Ideas Worksheet
  4. Crafting your Brand’s Voice
  5. Defining your Brand’s Character
  6. Podcast Setup Cheatsheet
  7. Guest Instructions Sheet
  8. Podcast Equipment/Software Guide

SCIENTIFIC INSIGHTS: Haven’t ya heard? Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing industries in entertainment. In 2019, more than 144 million Americans listened to a podcast (20 million more than the previous year!). And according to Edison Research, more than half of monthly active podcast listeners in the U.S. have an annual household income of at least $75,000. Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and engaged. This is an audience worth capturing.

INTERNAL TESTING: We’ve helped launch and execute dozens of podcasts (we even have our own – Anatomy of a Strategy!), with topics ranging from finance to technology and everything in-between. Some are educational: They teach listeners about a certain topic. Others are conversational. Many tell stories. But they all have a few essential steps in common that make them successful. To help our clients through the set-up process, we created this helpful kit, which includes worksheets, checklists, and personally vetted recommendations for the best software, equipment and more.

Many podcasting kits we found weren’t all that comprehensive. They left out small, but crucial details — things like creating a unique hashtag and cover art, setting up your equipment and software, and even what kinds of instructions to send to your guests. Lucky for you, this one’s got it all, baby.

This Kit is for you if:

  1. You’re looking for an effective, intimate way to connect with your audience (and Facebook ads ain’t cutting it.)
  2. You’ve discovered Your Best Customer is obsessed with podcasts, and you’ve got a great idea you think they’ll love.
  3. You already launched a podcast, but the quality isn’t there, it isn’t consistent, and overall, it needs work – and more listeners.

This Kit is perfect for:

  • Podcast newbies who want to know what it takes (or where to even start)
  • Brands with a podcast-obsessed customer base
  • Story-driven brands who can generate conversation, information, edutainment
  • Podcasting enthusiasts of all kinds!

This Kit is a downloadable PDF, so anywhere you can read one of those, you can access it!