Social Media Management Packages


Get help with managing your social media presence. Our team of professional writers, graphic designers and social media experts are here to help! Our social media packages give you total flexibility. Pick how many posts per month, how many platforms you want content for and we’re good to go!


Have your social media channels gone quiet because you’re just too busy to keep up? Or, maybe you’re posting frequently, but aren’t seeing much for engagement and could use someone who knows how to create social media content that works?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve created a flexible social media management plan where you can choose how many times per month and how many platforms you need help posting to.

Pricing explained:

There’s a bulk discount for more than three platforms:

  • 1-2 platforms: $125.00/post
  • 3+ platforms: $100/post

Here is how the pricing breaks down:

4 posts 8 posts 12 posts 16 posts 20 posts
1 platform $500/month $1,000/month $1,500/month $2,000/month $2,500/month
2 platforms $1,000/month $2,000/month $3,000/month $4,000/month $5,000/month
3 platforms $1,200/month $2,400/month $3,600/month $4,800/month $6,000/month
4 platforms $1,600/month $3,200/month $4,800/month $6,400/month $8,000/month
5 platforms $2,000/month $4,000/month $6,000/month $8,000/month $10,000/month
6 platforms $2,400/month $4,800/month $7,200/month $9,600/month $12,000/month
7 platforms $2,800/month $5,600/month $8,400/month $11,200/month $14,000/month

The following services are included with your package fee:

  • copywriting + edits
  • creation of basic graphics (gifs, Canva-styled images, working with supplied Photoshop/Illustrator templates, and stock images) for each post
  • optimizing and resizing media for each platform
  • using each platform to its fullest to bring innovative and fresh ideas to get your posts noticed
  • up to two revisions per post
  • posting/scheduling of the posts as needed
  • managing calendar for the posts (planning one week in advance)


Packages over $1,000/month get free Phlywheel Community memberships for one team member. Packages over $5,000 get two free memberships. This includes:

  • group coaching
  • a supportive community of peers and experts
  • interactive learning webinars
  • access to the knowledge center
  • advanced on-demand masterclasses

The Phlywheel team has won awards for our work in content and social media and has many years of experience with:

  • copywriting (journalists, scriptwriters and comedians on staff)
  • graphic design
  • photoshop, illustrator, etc
  • social media optimization (we’re up-to-date on all of the formats and best practices)
  • video editing* (extra cost)
  • animating* (extra cost)
  • illustrations* (extra cost)

The following are not included in this base price but can be added onto your package:

  • Research and strategy (posts are planned one week in advance with client input)
  • Advanced graphics (illustrations, infographics, etc)
  • Video (animations, video editing, etc.)
  • Social media platform ad setup or management
  • Community management + engagement
  • Analytics + reporting

Click the link above and add to your basket OR ask us about adding these on as-needed.


The client supplies logins (as necessary), brand guidelines, tone and voice documents, audience overview, an outline of events and priorities for posts (with links and details), and any examples of what works.


There is a brief kickoff meeting to clarify anything and answer any outstanding questions.


The Phlywheel team creates the first week of posts and sends the client for revisions and/or approvals. Client sends back any feedback/revisions for a maximum of 2 rounds (within 48 hours).


The content gets posted!

…each month, there will be one editorial overview meeting. Otherwise, communication will be via email and project management software (we use Asana, but can hop into anything you’d prefer).

To note, the pricing is for one month at a time. If you want to discuss multiple month mandates, we are happy to provide discounts for longer commitments.

Phlywheel is founded (and run) by award-winning boutique marketing firm, Truly Inc. We launched Phlywheel to serve small and mid-sized businesses in a way that is affordable and effective.

We are a small team of diverse experts and have helped businesses, big and small, including:

Message from Tara Hunt, Founder + CEO

Phlywheel founder, Tara Hunt, has been an influential figure in digital marketing since the early 2000’s and has been called “a pioneer of online and social marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

She has over 20 years of experience, wrote one of the first books on social media marketing, and is followed by over 350,000 people across various social channels: