Brand Personality Toolkit: Who The Deck Are You?


People can relate to brands that feel almost human. In order to stand out, you need a strong (not safe or neutral) personality. Identify your brand’s unique characteristics (who you are, how you sound, and your sense of humor) with our Brand Personality Toolkit. 


Brand Personality Toolkit: Who The Deck Are You?


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About the Brand Personality Cards: Who The Deck Are You?

If you’re launching a new brand, you probably will ask at some point, what really makes you, you? This simple question can lead to countless hours of your team debating about how your brand should sound. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Cutting to the chase, a brand personality is different from a human personality. Humans organically form their personalities as they experience the world around them and grow. Brands, however, aren’t human (sorry!) and require some personality crafting in order to come alive (so to speak). 

We designed this deck with the intent to breathe as much humanity as we possibly can into your brand. If you feel as if your brand personality is uninteresting or you need to make sure your team understands how your brand should sound, then you gotta get this deck. 

Each Brand Personality Toolkit contains:

  • 330 high-quality cards with traits, definitions and examples that will help you craft your brand’s personality
  • One card box that protects your deck
  • One set of instructions for how to play
  • Guidelines for how to bring your ideas down to earth

What makes a brand personality?

Didjya know a brand personality is different from a human personality? Unlike press releases and corporate brochures, you want your brand to have a personality on social media. It will help endear people to your brand and leave a more favorable impression.

But, just like people, brands have both safe AND provocative character traits (this is important!) as well as a particular tone and sense of humor. 

Safe traits

What are the “safe,” defining traits of your brand?

Provocative traits

Which are your provocative traits to help you stand out? 


How do you sound? Does it change? When – and how? 


What’s your main approach? (What do you dabble in or avoid?) 

Real-life example: Guess the brand...

Take a look at these three  cards. Just based on these three cards alone, what brand do you think this would be?

(Note: You’ll pick up a few more cards to define YOUR brand personality (including Tone & Humor cards!) but even with just 3 cards… you start to get a sense…. 

If you guessed Apple, you’re right!  

Why you'll love this tool:

  • Fits on a bookshelf or in a briefcase
  • An excellent tool for workshops with clients and in-house teams
  • Great for playing around a boardroom table (bye, boring brainstorms)
  • Gives you a framework so all your departments can collaborate
  • Working with a new brand, team or client? Start with a game – this one!

Get this deck if:

  • You’re launching a brand and need to have a unique voice
  • Your brand is having an identity crisis and you need some guidance
  • You want to align your team or new hires 
  • You feel as if your brand voice is a little “generic” or uninteresting
  • You have a brand voice, but it’s not connecting with your audience